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The General Membership meeting was held on July 9th under limited access restrictions and mask requirements inside the auditorium of the Electric Industry Center. Following the reading and adoption of notes from the the past month’s meetings and financial report, the following updates were announced:

Business Representative Jim Robson has been reassigned to be the full-time Political Director of Local Union No. 3.

IBEW Life Saving Awards were awarded to Local Union No. 3 members for their courageous actions on the job at JFK Airport Terminal 4 Sub Station E1 on August 27, 2019: John A. Dromm, Tom Kennedy, Frank T. Saladino Jr., Peter Schulman, and Anthony Solazzo. They were also recognized by the Detectives Endowment Association of the Port Authority of NY & NJ Police Department.

Past Financial Secretary of IBEW Local Union #3 William Blaine Sr. passed away in June.

Coronavirus pandemic update: 84 members have been hospitalized, 69 have recovered, 3 have recently tested negative but have respiratory damage, 4 are still in a recovery facility, 12 active members and 35 retirees have died.

The Furlough Plan was extended to January 6 (started July 6). Local Union No. 3 is the only union in the building trades and IBEW with a work-sharing plan, since the 1930s, and members have gone on strike in the past to protect it.

13 contractors with projects employing 30+ members, the new JFK Airport Terminal 1 ($7 billion), Astoria Power Plant ($350 million project by NRG starting in November), 1 Madison Avenue, and PLA for firehouse in Broad Channel ($6 million).

Joint Industry Board Safety Director Neil Skeahan reported that the Safety Department received a COVID-19 report on June 23rd. File an incident report if there is a COVID-19 outbreak on the job.

NLRB ruled that employers can search through their employees’ cars and job-issued equipment and devices.

The IBEW hosted an event on July 8 via Zoom with Local Unions all across the country, focusing on the 2020 elections and mobilizing union members and working people, with International Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson, Secretary-Treasurer Ken Cooper, Vice President Joe Biden, and Stacey Abrams.

Read the Business Manager’s message, “Stand Against Hate,” from the July 6th Rank & File e-newsletter.