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Listed below are some of the news updates announced at the latest General Membership Meeting on July 14:

  • Humberto Restrepo was appointed JIB Chief Officer of Diversity and Inclusion.



  • 1,359 retirees were honored at the annual Service Awards Luncheon on June 27 for 50/55/60/65/70/75/80-year memberships.


  • Make sure your current address is updated with Local 3 and JIB.


  • 46 children of Local 3 members were recipients of scholarships at the 74th Scholarship Breakfast on June 11.



  • 15 Local 3 members are currently in active military service.


  • JATC to open a new class starting in September with 110 apprentices and 40 replacements.


  • The next exam for AJ’s and MIJ’s will take place on November 19.


  • 52 participants currently in the summer helper program.


  • Ironworkers Local 580 shop steward on the Lincoln Center jobsite sent a letter of appreciation for the Local 3 members working for signatory employer ADCO Electrical Corp.


  • Additional 25-35 electricians needed with Connecticut state licenses.


  • Legislative Report: Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Utility Thermal Energy Network and Jobs Act (S9422/A10493), which guarantees prevailing wage on renewable energy projects of 1GW or more (was 5GW or more), and Advanced Building Codes for greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency.



  • Erland Castillo has been appointed the Assistant Director of the Educational and Cultural Trust Fund.


  • The Building & Construction Trades Council (BCTC) Executive Board met on July 13 to discuss the following, in part: complete demolition job at 451 Madison Avenue, wind energy development by Ørsted and Equinor, endorsing Letitia “Tish” James for NYS Attorney General, interior renovation PLA with the Building Contractors Association (BCA) and the temporarily extended PLA with NYCHA.


The next General Membership Meeting will take place on August 11. Just show up!