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The vaccine will help, but those vaccinated will have to continue all the same precautions for an extended time after vaccination until the pandemic is finally under control. The roll-out of the vaccine has been slow so far. New approaches from the new administration are in process, but they will take time to get fully up to speed.

The vaccines do not protect completely. It is not yet known whether they will protect against spread to unvaccinated family, friends and neighbors. It is also possible the vaccines might not protect as well against new virus strains that develop. All the same precautions should be continued even after being fully vaccinated. The more people who get vaccinated, the sooner the virus might become less prevalent.

At JIB Medical, the vaccine has been requested but not yet allocated. JIB Medical applied early and has been accepted to administer the vaccine. However, it is entirely up to the government when JIB Medical will receive doses. As soon as it is delivered, JIB Medical is prepared to begin giving shots to those eligible according to official guidelines.

All participants in the JIB benefits plan were sent a letter and email (if provided) as to how to sign up for the vaccine once available (and to state eligibility under government rules). Please call us at (718)591-2014 if you have any questions.