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Members of the Asian American Cultural Society and the Amber Light Society who participated in the 2015 Dragon Boat Festival.

On August 8, 2015 the Asian American Cultural Society and the Amber Light Society of Local 3, IBEW competed in the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival that takes place every year at Flushing Meadow Park in Queens. The club has taken great pride over the years in participating in the festivities as it brings together families, culture and communities all in one day. For this year’s race the Asian American Cultural Society extended an invitation to the Amber Light Society members to join the team in experiencing this amazing event. This year’s team consisted of Brandon Leung, Christina Young, Dezhi Lu, Dong Huang, Dwayne Smith, Iris Edemodu, Kim Spicer, La Toya å_Meaders, Zoe Peleti, Melody å_Marquez, Nicole Wachter, å_Nicholas Garcia, Team å_Manager Robert Royster, Tanya å_Cunningham, Zahra Chokwe and Team å_Captain Mary Au. Unlike most teams who enter into the Dragon Boat race who train all year round with their own equipment, the team members of Local 3 have less than two short months to prepare and organize themselves for race day. The day began with the morning session of a distance of 250 meters and concluded with loss of 1st place by inches for a 2nd place finish in the afternoon’s 500 meter race in which the team achieved a personal best time. Throughout the day the team met with community organizations that participated in this event. Many people came to support and cheer for our team which included our very own Local 3 and Local 3 North members and their families. There was food and beverages throughout the day for the team, families and our Local 3 members who came to support the Asian American Cultural Society and Amber Light Society members.