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Last year, Local Union #3 and the Electrical Industry were very successful in raising awareness about kidney disease while raising money for the National Kidney Foundation in New York City. The most striking result of that effort was the realization of how many people in Local #3 and our industry are affected by kidney disease. Some of those stories had happy endings and some did not. 

In that light, another Local 3 member is in need of a kidney and is reaching out to the Local #3 network of sisters and brothers in the hope that yet another miracle can happen. The letter below is from a Local #3 wife describing her husband's successful search for a kidney donor over a year ago and she is now reaching out on behalf of Kenny Miller, a retired Local 3 Elevator Division member who is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. 

So please take a minute to read this letter below and if you think you can step up to help out, please reach out to Business Representative Chris Erikson Jr. at 718-591-4000 and he will connect you to Kenny Miller's family.


Hello friends,

Over 10 years ago I sent out an email asking if anyone would be willing to donate a kidney to Kevin. We were blessed with quite a few responses and several of you went on to be tested. Thankfully, a perfect match was found for Kevin and both him and his donor are doing well. We all have other friends and relatives who have been equally blessed with transplants. The key to getting help is getting the word out to people.

Another IBEW retired brother is in need of help. I am blind copying all of my friends and family members and would appreciate it if you could all do the same. I don't know how Local 3 gets the word out, but I am hoping this email reaches the right person to get the job done.

Not a day goes by that we don't thank Local 3, our friends and our families for all our blessings. Annie and Kenny's info and contacts are below. If you need to contact them directly, let me know and I will get you in touch with them.

Of course, you don't have to be an IBEW member to help, so I am also contacting other friends and co-workers. Thank you. -Elaine


Hi Elaine

I wanted to update you on Kenny's condition. His kidneys are failing and he is now in Stage 4 kidney failure and in need of a transplant. His blood type is A+. Ken is a retired member with the IBEW for the 35+ years of his career in the EE Division with elevators. I did contact the union. If you have anyone else at the union that you can get in touch with to pass this on to any brother or sister members who may be willing to be tested, I would appreciate it with all my heart. Best bet is to get the word out!

His Nephrologist is at Winthrop but the transplant team is NYU Langone. The transplant Nephrologist/Surgeon is Dr. Nicole Ali - 212-263-8134. Donor Contact is Francine Kennedy 212-263-3626.