Date Posted

●Bylaws amended: a proposal creating two new Divisions was read at both the November and December General Membership Meetings and voted on at the January 2020 meeting. This bylaw change confirms the creation of the new positions of Expeditor Helper 1 and Expeditor Helper 2 that were negotiated in the recent contract.


 Meeting on Wednesday, January 23 at 4:30 p.m. at Teamster Local 456 hall in Elmsford, NY regarding CBA covering Westchester/Fairfield expiring in April 2020


● Openings for City electricians, reach out to Business Rep Sean Fitzpatrick in Room 402.


● Dr. Partha Banerjee will retire at the end of this year. The 2019 critical thinking course was called “Dare to Think!” and in 2020 it is “Dare to Act!” for which there will be a course review on March 15. 


● Mayor Bill de Blasio released the NYC Internet Master Plan for guaranteeing access to broadband for all New Yorkers


● Under the terms of the Local #3 construction CBA, employers must ask every new hire if they are interested in becoming supervision. Call the Local 3 Construction Desk if employers are violating this or any other part of our contract.