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The Electrical Welfare Club held its annual Hanukkah party on Sunday, December 18 in the Electrical Industry Center Auditorium. Early in the morning, dozens of volunteers transformed the hall into a very festive and colorful setting. They wrapped presents, put up banners, blew up balloons, decorated the stage, set the tables, and prepared a delicious catered lunch for over 120 guests, of which, more than 40 were children or grandchildren of members of the EWC.

As the first guests began to arrive at 11:00 a.m., Hanukkah music played over the loudspeakers and children were greeted with dreidels and Hanukkah gelt, and then they had the opportunity to paint on a canvas and enjoy more arts & crafts. The delicious food included potato latkes and sufganiyot, a traditional Hanukkah dessert. After lunch, the children gathered at the front of the stage where Alana Farbman, wife of former EWC President Eric Farbman, told a wonderful story of Hanukkah, and then they lined up for their chance to light the Hanukkah menorah.

Local 3 Executive Board member and EWC Club Advisor David Hochman as well as Joint Industry Board Chairman Dr. Gerald Finkel and NYS Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal made remarks and wished everyone a happy Hanukkah and a healthy New Year. EWC President Marc Deutscher thanked everyone for coming to this important family event and for supporting the Electrical Welfare Club, in particular, Hanukkah Party Chairperson Joseph Jaffe, Co-Chair Stephanie Tsourlakis, and all the volunteers. At the end, each child was called up by name to receive a special Hanukkah gift from the Electrical Welfare Club. After two years of not having a Hanukkah Party, it was great to be back together to celebrate the Festival of Lights close to home.


Submitted by the Electrical Welfare Club.

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