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Governor Cuomo has ordered two major changes to upcoming elections in New York State. First, he has canceled a number of special elections that were scheduled to be held on June 23, including the Queens Borough President special election. Local 3 has endorsed Elizabeth Crowley in that race. There will still be a primary election for the seat that will be held on June 23 with the general election held on November 3.

Additionally, Governor Cuomo has ordered New York State to mail an absentee ballot application with return postage to all eligible voters ahead of the upcoming federal and state primary elections to be held on June 23. This piggybacks onto an earlier Executive Order allowing New Yorkers to vote by absentee ballot due to concerns around social distancing and coronavirus. So if you plan to vote by absentee ballot in the June 23 primary elections, make sure to send back your application in order to receive the actual absentee ballot.

 Important Dates for Absentee Voting in Primary Elections on June 23, 2020

  • June 16: Last day to postmark an application for absentee ballot by mail, email, or fax
  • June 22: Last day to apply in person for absentee ballot
  • June 22: Last day to postmark absentee ballot. Must be received by local board of elections no later than June 30
  • June 23: Last day to deliver primary ballot in person to local board of elections, by close of polls (same date as federal and state primary elections)

Finally, the Census is still going on through these tumultuous times, and it is imperative each one of our members responds. The decennial count ensures our state has full representation in Congress and receives all the federal money we need to keep our state operating, among other things. Click here to respond to the Census online in over 50 languages. The Census may be submitted by mail or phone, too. Just make sure you, your family, and your community get counted!