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The 38th Annual College Advisory Day was held on Saturday, November 19, in person for the first time since 2019. The annual event was held at the Long Island City Training Center and was sponsored by the Educational and Cultural Trust Fund and the Alumni Association of Scholarship Winners (AASW), with over 160 Local 3 members, spouses, and their college-bound children in attendance. In addition, representatives from 4 colleges and universities and 15 members of the AASW were on hand to offer their advice and guidance. The interactive event allowed for an open discussion on career choices, the college admissions process, financial aid, and personal college experiences.

The program began with Michael A. Yee, Director of the Educational and Cultural Trust Fund, and Erland Castillo, Associate Director of the Educational and Cultural Trust Fund, together with Dr. Gerald Finkel, Chairman of the Joint Industry Board, welcoming everyone and discussing some of the educational benefits available to the children of Local 3 members. John Korman, Esq., President of the Alumni Association of Scholarship Winners (AASW), provided a brief history of the AASW. Participating parents and students left with information and a clear perspective on the college experience, from being a commuter student to living on-campus, from applying to a college to selecting a major. The E&C Fund looks forward to supporting the next College Advisory Day during the Fall of 2023.

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