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A week and a day to go. The Trumpers might be rallying, but the silent majority has been voting like their lives depend on it and for some of them it does. Absentee/mail-in ballots and early voting are well underway, so there are no excuses to get it done. If it's a close race, he will cry like a baby and roll out the lawyers as he has done his whole life, crying foul. The Republican majority in the Senate has quietly approved Trump's appointments of nearly 200 federal judges since 2017, and hypocritically only one week from an election, the Republican Senate is about to approve a third Supreme Court appointee who will stack the deck in his and his party's favor. This was the risk in the 2016 election and we got what we got — hopefully a lesson learned. Those are lifetime appointments. God save our unions.

God save America. Covid kills and we must remain vigilant. The country is reeling and New York has slipped a little. We have become somewhat complacent and we can’t afford that. People are tired of the confinement and the lack of contact and socialization with others, but lives are at stake. This pandemic has wrecked our economy, and people are hurting and scared. We have never experienced anything like this, none of us, and our country is floundering with nearly a quarter of a million dead and a leader without a clue.

We need a leader to unite our country red and blue, black and white, young and old, left and right, Americans one and all, to face the big challenges ahead: enemies of our still young and fragile democracy both foreign and domestic; addressing income inequality; jobs and poverty; racism, diversity, and tolerance; and climate change. This moment calls for leadership that will compromise and meet halfway to move America forward. Leadership that will work like hell to protect all Americans from this pandemic. America is in trouble, and the division and hate is destroying us. We need a leader, we need change, we need Joe Biden, and we need him now.