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Update from Dr. Makover, JIB Medical Chief Medical Officer

The Delta Variant of COVID has changed everything.

It might seem like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) keeps changing its mind, but the truth isthe virus keeps changing. As new data comes in, the CDC makes sensible adjustments to it. The only way to stop the virus from mutating is to stop it’s spread.

It has just been reported that the CDC has new information about the Delta variant, which is much worse than the original version of the coronavirus with respect to spread and prevention:

  • The Delta Variant is more contagious than smallpox and chickenpox, two of the most contagious diseases known.
  • Delta can lead to as much as 1000 times the amount of virus in the body.
  • Good news: The vaccine offers good protection against severity and death from the virus.
  • Bad news: The vaccine does not prevent infection by Delta in some cases.
  • Vaccinated people can still get sick, though at a much lower rate than those vaccinated. 35,000 people a week are getting “breakthrough” COVID, meaning they get COVID even though fully vaccinated.
  • Vaccinated people can transmit Delta COVID to unvaccinated people, vaccinated people, children under 12 who are not yet allowed to be vaccinated, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems, transplants, cancer, advanced age and serious diseases.

What to do:

  • Get vaccinated: It is safe and effective. The vaccine is important if you do not want to take a chance of getting very sick or dying from COVID.
  • Take precautions: Return to wearing masks everywhere unless outside, but avoid crowds. Dine outside at restaurants. When possible, avoid indoor activities with more than a few people you trust.
  • Masks really help.

This is a sad development, but we cannot wish it away. Do we want to do this? Of course not. Do we have to do this? Of course we do!