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Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

Tomorrow, we have the opportunity to start the close of a very different chapter in the history of our country. Leading up to this and every other election, I have made the case over and over again as to why working people need to elect those who will support our interests.

Tomorrow's election is no different. But there is more at stake as well.

Lately, too many Americans have embraced a culture of exclusion, a culture of division and a culture of hatred. Immigrants, people of color, liberals, and Jews have been targeted, despite the fact that they too are Americans. Many think it is mainstream and ok because of those who condone such behavior and more often seem to encourage it.

Half the population has been denigrated because they are Democrats - mocked and ostracized because Dems tend to respect the democratic right to disagree, to feel and think differently about what our great country should look like. Those rights are what our country is all about.

This sad chapter in America’s history can begin to end tomorrow. Now is the time to stand up and exercise our responsibility to vote, to send a message that our country and our elected officials need to embrace all the values that make America great, values that our leaders in the past would occasionally compromise and act in a bi-partisan manner because it was in the best interest of all Americans.