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A dispute regarding the interpretation of the shift clause in the contract was amicably resolved between Local 3, IBEW, AFL-CIO and Siemens Electrical. Siemens Electrical was the prime contractor on the Croton Project. The dispute was whether when calculating the 25% requirement for the day shift it was based on combining the total work force on the job of all subs as opposed to the calculation applying to each contractor individually. While no party agreed to any fault, Siemens did agree to pay over 900 members who worked on the day shift between February 1, 2010 through October 31, 2014. The current contract makes it clear that the shift is calculated for each contractor separately. These members were paid for a half hour overtime for those shifts when they did not meet the 25% shift requirement, which å_occurred sporadically. Siemens paid out over $3 million covering not only their employees but also the employees of EJ Electric, KND Electric and Construction, Gilston Electrical Contractors, Fervent Electrical Corp, A Tech Electrical Enterprises and Angel Electrical Construction who were advised that the shift clause applied to their workforce.
Over 600 members came to pick up their checks on Nov. 2nd. There are currently about 300 members who have not picked up their checks. If you are one of those members, contact the JIB’s Chairman’s office at (718) 591-2000, Ext. 1600. If you are contesting the amount owed to you, you must contact the Chairman’s office without delay if you have not done so. If you do not contact the Chairman’s office, you will waive any claims you may have.