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Protect yourself and your friends, co-workers, loved ones and fellow citizens. The expected COVID surge has arrived with a vengeance across the country and increasingly in New York.

It remains vital to:

  • Wear a good mask.
  • Keep a 6-feet distance from others.
  • Avoid indoor spaces with others besides your immediate family.
  • Be careful what you touch and wash your hands often.
  • Avoid touching your face.

As many as 3,600 people are dying every day nationwide. As of December 20th, 315,260 Americans have died from this pandemic, including young people. Many more are suffering serious illness, some lasting long past the acute phase.

The risk will continue well into mid-2021 at least, even with the new vaccines. We cannot let our guard down.

The new, very effective and very low-risk vaccines are worthwhile – the risks are very low and the benefits are very high. The media will highlight the rare few who get severe allergic reactions, but the experts report that the vast majority of recipients will find that they get no or mild reactions, but if they occur it is very much worth it to be protected from COVID. Please do not be misled by the many false claims being spread irresponsibly. Please rely on trustworthy sources. The distribution of the vaccine and who is allowed to get it, and when, are all very tightly controlled by federal, state and city governments. JIB Medical will get the vaccine as soon as the government allows, and it will give it according to government guidelines.


Please stay safe!