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A Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

I know how hard our members worked to elect Tom Suozzi and that hard work resulted in a big win. Local 3 members answered the call, and we beat the odds to send a qualified moderate Democrat back to Congress. I am confident that Tom Suozzi will help to turn the tide and convince those elected to represent the interests of working Americans who want to end the hard line partisan gridlock that has failed to fix the problems in our country that need to be fixed. To get it done.

This election and our candidate should be a model for what we the people can do if they are willing to do the hard work. Ordinary Americans' interests are at stake. Too many in Congress have lost their way, too many have forgotten why they were elected, and too many follow the lead of a megalomaniac who threatens their existence if they don’t follow the party line. Trump disparages them, demeans them as RINO’s — Republicans in name only — if they dare to reject his call to destroy this country by embracing his radical agenda. 

How can so many Americans, especially union members, not see what he represents and the damage he can do to our democracy. A leader that only cares about his own power is a dictator, and he emulates all of that. Plus all the bad people who are riding his coattails who would take this country backwards in dangerous ways. We need a leader who will work hard for the working people in this country. Joe Biden has done that despite the chaos in the Republican Party. He is the most pro-union President we have ever had. America and our reputation around the world is back, despite the roadblocks and landmines set by Trump and his minions. Biden has promoted and delivered good union jobs, protected our pensions, raised wages, protected Social Security and medical insurance for millions of Americans, amongst so many other things good for us.

Suozzi was a warm up. This year’s elections - President, Senate, House, and state legislature — are for all the marbles. Your economic security is at stake and we are going to have to work harder than we ever have if we’re going to protect the security of our union—made middle class lifestyle that we enjoy and sometimes, unfortunately, we take for granted. Eternal vigilance, brothers and sisters.