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I think we are all just about ready to break out. While so many are dealing with the economic impact of the lockdown, there are those struggling with the virus themselves, with many caring for a loved one at home and some even mourning the death of a family member, friend, or neighbor. The pressure and the anxiety in this moment can almost be too much to bear. There is help available and I urge you to reach out. You can only put so much on yourselves. We all have a breaking point.

It appears that construction sites will start to open up soon, and we need assurances from the industry and employers that the workers will be protected. The Building and Construction Trades Council is weighing an interim agreement with the GC's and CM’s to get members back to work. In order to protect the workforce, they are considering staggered starts and multiple shifts to lower the number of workers on the job site at any one time. They believe it will also positively impact how the workers will get to the jobs, with fewer traveling on the railroad and subways at peak hours.

Temperature checks for access and proper employer-provided PPE will be mandatory. More washing stations and constant cleaning of common areas will be necessary. Protocols for social distancing must be adhered to the best of our ability but are almost impossible in certain circumstances given the nature of how we perform our work. Regardless, you must protect yourself as we start to go back to work. You go home to your loved ones everyday, and you need to protect them as well. Be advised to call the Construction Desk to report any situation you find uncomfortable. Just as they can’t force you to drive a truck with no brakes, they can’t force anyone to compromise their safety.

Remember: this virus is deadly, but together we will survive.