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Man of the Year Business Manager Christopher Erikson pictured with the President of 419 Spartan Club Angel Corchado and Assistant Business Manager Luis Restrepo (Club Advisor) (5th and 6th from left), Michelle Centeno Labor Law Compliance Officer (7th from Left), Business Representatives Anthony Esponda and Annette Diaz (Club Advisors) and rank-and-file honoree Christian Serrano.

On Saturday, June 3, 2017, the 419 Spartan Club celebrated its first Annual Dinner Dance held at Ricardo’s by the Bridge in Astoria, Queens. The Club’s roots go back to the early 1900’s and Local 419 of the IBEW. Local 419 was founded in 1902 and consisted of inside electricians who did fixture work. Around 1919, Local 419 was dissolved and incorporated into the ranks of Local 3. The 419 Spartan Club was chartered in 1936. Quoting from the late Harry Van Arsdale Jr. in a 1942 Union World article: “We are trained in the hard school, active in the Labor Movement when there are no labor boards and government supervised elections, the members of the 419 Club are amongst the most energetic and progressive members of Local 3.” That was a very powerful compliment and it has inspired a strong tradition of unionism and solidarity that has lasted throughout the history of the Club and during its rejuvenation.