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Once again, Local 3 members turned out in force for the Labor Day Parade. Over 6,000 members and their families marched up Fifth Avenue last Saturday demonstrating our strength and our solidarity. I couldn’t have been prouder standing with our Grand Marshal, U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, who was in awe of the turnout of our contingent. The message, “We Will Not Be Silent,” was on display as wave after wave of our diverse membership proudly passed the grandstand.

It was clear that the future of our union is secure. Our members are listening and responding to what needs to be done. Our work is cut out for us as we approach the midterm elections. We have never been in a better position and the progress that we have made with President Joe Biden in the White House is unparalleled, but it is certainly at risk. We need to maintain majorities in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives if we expect to continue to move forward protecting our economic security. Nothing should be more important than the economic security of you and your family. It is what our Union provides.

In order to support Labor’s candidates you must be registered and committed to vote. Every vote counts. Every vote. We will be campaigning to get those elected who will protect our interests, making calls, knocking on doors, leafleting on Election Day, and we will need volunteers. If we get the turnout that we had at the parade I have no doubt that we will be successful.

I am proud to be your Business Manager, and you certainly showed me and everyone at that parade how proud you are to be a member of the strongest and best union in America. God Bless Local 3.