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It’s been a long 34 years since the death of Harry Van Arsdale Jr. If you didn’t know him, physically his stature was short and a little on the heavy side. His accent was thick working-class New York. You know, "woiking class, tirty tird an tird." Most importantly, his presence was overwhelming and for those of us who knew him, we miss that presence profoundly. What has endured, though, is everything that he did for the members of Local 3, the IBEW, and the entire Labor Movement in NYC. His concern for working men and women was, I believe, unparalleled. Read the book, Labor’s Champion.

While there have been other notable giants in the Labor Movement, Harry was ours. So on his birthday, I urge those who are reading this to commit along with me, knowing personally the value of all the programs that he established on our behalf and we continue to enjoy today, that we do all we are asked and then some, to make sure future generations of our members and their dependents share the same strong level of security that Local 3’s benefits have brought to us and so many before us. Harry would expect nothing less of us and I couldn’t think of a better birthday present. Happy birthday, Harry.