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Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

This coming Wednesday, close to 1,000 Local 3 pensioners will gather at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City for the JIB Pension Luncheon. It is a great event where those who have worked a lifetime in our industry gather to see old friends and rehash the good old days. They appreciate that Local 3 has not forgotten them in retirement. They have earned a secure retirement with benefits that sustain them financially and medically in their later years. We are all going to be there someday and want that same security.

It is also an opportunity to encourage our retirees to remain vigilant to the cause of our movement by voting for Labor's candidates who protect us and our standards. We urge them to be active in the Local 3 retiree clubs and to continue to come to the Labor Day Parade every year. We keep them abreast of the challenges we face today and the status of the pension fund, and finally, we ask them to notify us of any retirees they know who may be struggling so we can reach out to offer assistance. It’s great not to be forgotten. God bless them all.

We also celebrate the women in America this month and the many great contributions they have made to our country. Congratulations to all of our sisters in Local 3. And to all of our Irish Americans, a happy St. Patrick’s Day as well.