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We as trade unionists should be thrilled with the outcome of this election. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart those members who showed up to do the work during this strange and extraordinary election season. The greatest threat to our way of life has been eliminated just in time, and I’m sure there are many other constituencies like ours that feel the same way. Labor's role was huge, particularly in many of the swing states that reversed course after having gone for Trump in 2016 and now coming through for Biden and Harris.

Honestly though, Labor could not have done it alone. As is typical with the Democratic Party, this win was because of a diverse coalition of people hoping for a better future and the desire for a government that helps people, not locks them up; that serves its constituents, not corporations and big business; that sows unity and healing, not divisiveness and strife for their personal gain. The hopes and dreams of so many diverse Americans have been realized with the end of Trump's term, and people of good conscience are celebrating literally across the globe. It’s a new day and a bright spot in what has been a horrible year. It is our hope that America’s new leadership can bring our country together while addressing the immediate crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic fallout — that they can work with the moderates to fix what needs to be fixed, provide for what needs to be provided, and protect what needs to be protected. What will be critical, though, is the effort they make to strengthen our country's democratic principles and institutions while embracing and demonstrating the value of the common interests that we all share as Americans — never allowing us to sink as low as partisan politics have taken us, ever again.

God Bless our veterans as well, as we honor them this November 11 on Veterans Day. We honor those brave Americans, the special individuals who accepted their call to duty, and those who voluntarily offered to put their lives in harm's way. So many killed, missing or wounded in action to protect America, our interests and those countries fighting to defend their own democracies around the world. America, our armed forces, and our allies have always stood up to dictators, tyrants and those who suppress human rights. It is who we are.

As our election has just shown us, democracy works. Democracy is as precious as it is vulnerable, and we must remain forever vigilant in order to protect it or else we could lose it. The blood spilled by patriots who created this country and Americans who fought to save and defend it would be too high of a price to pay to lose it to the likes of Donald Trump. God Bless America!