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The work in New York City Public Schools is ramping up with the Cool Schools initiative. LU #3 contractors are getting busy with this work. Pay attention to the core drilling on these jobs as this is work that we do for our installations. Please call the Construction Desk or Area Representative if the work is being done by others. The NYCHA lamp and fixture replacement jobs are plentiful and we need to man these projects and ensure completion in a timely manner.

In the Boroughs:

There is some concern in Brooklyn at the Metrotech Buildings as there has been a change with the management company who is exploring using GC’s that aren’t friendly to Local 3. There is a new Target coming out in Caesar’s Bay Shopping area that 2 of our contractors are pursuing with hopes for a successful bid.

On Staten Island, Nead Electric has been awarded a large project at the Staten Island University South Hospital.

Upper Manhattan has a number of residential jobs and hospitals jobs going on. It’s been reported off the foreman’s reports, there are about 650 AJ’s on that work.

Midtown Manhattan area is busy with Manhattan West, 1 Vanderbilt, and the J.P. Morgan Chase Project. Hudson Yards Core and Shell is nearing completion, and our contractors are aggressively bidding the interior buildouts.

In the Bronx, there are 285 AJ working with the largest job being the Psych Center.

Queens is busy with Airport work, new schools and the Aqueduct Genting job.