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The annual Climate Week made a big return to the Big Apple on September 17-24, simultaneous with the United Nations General Assembly. Special events throughout the week brought out local, national, and international leaders as well as workers, scientists, and policy experts who are working together to address climate change and build a sustainable world.

As part of the Climate Jobs NY coalition and the campaign for Carbon-Free and Healthy Schools, Local 3 participated in a proclamation ceremony at City Hall on the evening of Tuesday, September 19th to receive official recognition from the New York City Council. Journeyman wireman and foreman Emanuel “Manny” Yllescas spoke on behalf of Local 3, also represented by Educational & Cultural Trust Fund Director Michael Yee.

On Wednesday, September 20th, President Joseph Biden held a bilateral summit with the President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, and a subsequent press conference which was attended by Local 3 Business Manager Christopher Erikson and other labor leaders. In addition to environmental goals shared by the American and Brazilian leaders, they forged a new partnership on protecting and advancing workers’ rights and democracy.

“It is very important that the United States sees what is happening in Brazil at this historic moment of ecological transition, of changing the energy matrix, and the potential our country has for investment,” Lula said.

"The two largest democracies in the Western Hemisphere are standing up for human rights around the world and the hemisphere, and that includes workers' rights," Biden said.