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The New York City Central Labor Council (NYC CLC) held their quarterly meeting on October 4 at the Long Island Education Center in Cutchogue, focusing on the general election.

Early voting takes place October 29 through November 6, and Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. If you are voting by absentee ballot, applications must be postmarked by October 24 or in person up to November 7, and your ballot must be returned by November 8.

In New York State, there will be a “Proposal 1” popular referendum on the NYS Environmental Bond Act, a $4.2 million public bond investment in climate resiliency and renovation projects across the state. The CLC and Local 3 endorse voting “Yes” on Proposal 1, so remember to flip your ballot and vote “Yes.”

In New York City, there will be three (3) resolutions on the ballot which were originally proposed by the City Council’s Racial Justice Commission. The Commission’s first proposal is: 1. a preamble to the City Charter that would guide city agencies and officials in carrying out their duties; and the Commission’s second proposed amendment would 2. establish a Racial Equity Office, plan, and commission to work with all city agencies to provide training and technical assistance on racial equity, and to assist city agencies to create racial equity plans; and the Commission’s third proposed amendment would 3. require New York City to create a true cost of living measure to track the actual cost of meeting essential needs without considering public, private, or informal assistance, in order to inform programmatic and policy decisions. The CLC Executive Council endorsed all three (3) resolutions on racial justice and commits to member education and get out the vote efforts for voting “Yes.”

Again, remember to flip your ballot!