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A trades union delegation from Hubei Province in China visited Electchester on Monday, October 21, where the Joint Board gave them a tour of the Electrical Industry Center. 

The Hubei Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Wuhan (city) Federation of Trade Unions, and the Municipal Labor Committee of Jingmen (city) stopped by Flushing, Queens before heading to Washington, D.C. Business Manager Christopher Erikson and JIB Chairman Dr. Gerald Finkel led the meeting with their distinguished guests, joined by President John E. Marchell, Senior Assistant Business Manager Raymond Melville, Educational & Cultural Trust Fund Director Michael Yee and business agents and officers from Local 3, IBEW and the Joint Industry Board.

They exchanged best practices from the American and Chinese electrical industries, as well as stressing the importance of good training and protecting union members. Just like Business Manager Erikson said at the October General Membership Meeting, “The labor movement has to be global.”