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On Thursday, August 25 at the Electrical Industry Center, over 300 apprentices were sworn into Local Union No. 3, IBEW. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the IBEW had given local unions permission to host induction ceremonies at a later date. To give our apprentices the warm welcome they deserve, Local 3 held this special induction ceremony for 1st-3rd year apprentices in the House That Harry Built.

Thank you to Business Manager Christopher Erikson, President Tom Cleary, Financial Secretary Joseph Proscia, Assistant Business Manager Christopher Erikson Jr., JIB Executive Director and Chief Diversity Officer Humberto Restrepo, Apprenticeship Program Director George Schuck, Apprentice Advisory Committee Chair Alan Astafa, Elected Officers, current Mentorship Program Director KC Glennon and former Mentorship Program Director Erin Sullivan, and all Local 3 members who helped make this moment happen.

Business Manager Erikson administered the oath of Local 3 membership. Watch and share the video on Local 3’s Instagram and Facebook page.

Apprentices will be all-hands on deck at the Labor Day Parade this Saturday!