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The United Association for Labor Education (UALE) holds four regional annual women’s schools led by female labor educators. Now in their 45th year, the aim of these schools is to promote education as an essential tool in the process of union transformation, to develop new leadership, and to strengthen the field of labor education to meet the ever-changing needs of unions and workers.

“Labor Women: Get In Good Trouble” was the theme this year to reflect the innovation and commitment we’ll need to work for justice in our workplaces and communities. Local 3 members attended the Northeast Regional Summer School Program for Women in Unions and Worker Organizations. Hosted at the School of Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State University, the program included a daily leadership skills seminar followed by workshops and general sessions, such as building a trauma-informed labor movement and a panel discussion of women leaders organizing to improve their workplaces. The panel entitled “Making Good Trouble: Lessons From Organizing” featured Local 3 journeyperson Keisha Spradley and a discussion of diverse organizing tactics and contexts. Local 3 journeypersons Erin Sullivan, Tiana Phillips, and Jeannie Lockwood also attended the week-long program. On the final day, a graduation ceremony was held and all participants received a certificate of completion. They left renewed and refocused on improving the lives of working people, strengthening unions, and continually improving through education and leadership opportunities.