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This is the time of year when we celebrate and honor Harry Van Arsdale Jr. So much of what we have today is because of his vision and foresight, starting in 1933 when he became Business Manager of Local 3 at the age of 28 years old. Harry and his colleagues shaped Local 3 into what it is today, creating so many of the things we enjoy, providing for good wages and working conditions, but also cradle-to-grave benefits that include medical coverage, educational opportunities, scholarships, summer camp, Electchester, pensions, and more.

The HVA Jr. Memorial Association was created in 1986 after Harry's death to ensure that his memory and legacy live on, so new generations of Local 3 members can understand the direct impacts Harry had on our industry and livelihood.

Please consider supporting the Memorial Association by becoming a member with a one-time membership donation here or even making a tax-deductible contribution by check or money order made out to the “Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Memorial Association.”

All memberships and donations can be forwarded through President Cleary's office. Thank you in advance for your continued support of the Association, as we continue to build on the immense foundation that Harry built for us all and grow with strength into the future.