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This week, the IBEW is reaching out directly to local unions and our members, urging us all to step up and contact our elected officials in Congress at this critical time to demand action on President Biden's Infrastructure Framework. This legislation will help create tens of thousands of IBEW jobs both here in NYC and across the U.S., while upgrading our country's existing infrastructure and creating new projects to strengthen our future.

IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson is asking us all to immediately act by calling your representative in the House and asking them for their commitment to vote on the infrastructure package. The IBEW has provided a script to use on the call that you can find at and the Local 3 website.

With your script ready, find your member of the House of Representatives here and then call the Capitol switchboard at 202-225-3121 as soon as you can. Take notes of your call, including the name of the member or staffer you spoke with and whether or not they committed to vote on the infrastructure legislation, regardless of the timing of the budget reconciliation bill. Please use this link to easily log the information from your call which will update the IBEW Government Affairs Department directly so they can follow up and keep our elected officials accountable.

You can also find more information on this important legislation at, including an Action Toolkit with social media items, flyers, talking points, and more.

Sisters and brothers, please do your part today to directly improve our work opportunities and help get this critical legislation passed immediately. If you're reading this, then you understand the importance of participation, and I know I can count on the members of Local 3 to act. So pull up the script and make the call now.