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General Membership Meetings since June have reopened to larger attendance. At the General Membership Meeting on July 8, it was announced that Business Representative Ken Forsberg would be retiring effective September 1, so Business Representative Michael Jordan will be reassigned to Midtown Manhattan and Executive Board Member Rob Massato Jr. was appointed Business Representative of Brooklyn. Business Rep. Massato addressed the meeting, with “A” journeymen and shop stewards from Brooklyn and members of the Bedsole-Kingsboro Club seated in the front rows.

It was also announced that:

  • Governor Andrew M. Cuomo awarded Local Union No. 3, IBEW with a #NYTough plaque in recognition of our union’s resilience and hard work during the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Arcadia Electrical Superintendent Tom Garavuso was appointed the new chair of the “G” Division following Jeff Thurston’s retirement.
  • Robert McCloskey is the new president of the Keystone Club.
  • The next period of the Furlough Plan began on July 6.
  • Local 25 has open calls on Long Island.
  • Business Representative Sean Fitzpatrick of the City Division reported that the next New York City exam for helpers will be on August 4 and for city electricians in October.
  • The Sportsmen’s Club’s boxing night will be held on October 1, and the Welfare Club’s breakfast will be held on October 24 in the Electrical Industry Center auditorium.

As always a reading of names and a moment of silence was held in memory of Local 3 members and retirees who have passed away since the previous General Membership Meeting. Special recognition was given to the passing of Brett J. Furtado (age 41) and Robert Melville (age 42). Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

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