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The volume of work is picking up across the five boroughs of New York City, including the airports in Queens with a steady flow of work in the terminals and on the runways and the Genting project underway. In Brooklyn, a major award came out recently at Red Hook Houses for $78 million to raise the services and install generators in 28 buildings - a 4-year project that should average 40 AJ’s, along with underground work at Pacific Park starting for a new residential building on that site and 10 more buildings to come. The Staten Island University project has started and will be increasing manpower along with South Beach Psychiatric Center’s new building that has 50 AJ’s with 3 contractors.

Assistant Business Manager for Construction Joe Santigate thanks all those that worked at Empire Outlets in St. George. That was a project with a NON-UNION developer, BFC. That project endured much controversy over a 4-year period, and our members stood strong and continued to work no matter what the issue was. Everyone from Apprentices to the General Foreman showed the Developer why Local 3 is the Right Choice.

The borough of Manhattan is picking up work to replace recently completed projects. 1 Vanderbilt is moving along well. A $2 billion job at Ground Zero is getting ready to start with a deadline of September 2021. Columbia University has started a new building covered under a PLA.

The Bronx has school work starting and there is a lot of activity in the borough, and we feel we have a good shot at being successful on those bids.

There are many new schools starting across the city and also many school additions that have been awarded to Local 3 Contractors.

We continue to stay on top of “POE” lighting, this is happening fast.

Reminders from the Construction Department:

  • Pick up foreman’s tickets promptly.
  • Send in your Foreman’s Reports to the Business Representative who handles the area.
  • Notify the Area Rep’s with new jobs starting.
  • Take all necessary safety classes.
  • Take care of your health and get your physicals.