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Currently under debate in Albany are two bills in each the Senate and Assembly that would broaden the definition of public works to include any jobs that receive state money, including tax breaks. Such jobs would then be subject to the prevailing wage requirements similar to other publicly-financed jobs. An expansion of the definition of public works and use of the prevailing wage would help prevent non-union contractors from undercutting Local #3 signatory contractors and make Local #3 contractors more competitive.

There have been several changes to Local Law 196 over the past several months trying to nail down the requirements of the NYC construction law. As updated at March's General Membership meeting, the current requirements are as follows:

"Any electricians who have completed Local #3's apprenticeship program will need only a site safety card with photo by taking an eight-hour scaffold/fall protection class (yet to be created) by September 1, 2020. Any electricians who have not completed Local #3's apprenticeship program will have to complete OSHA 30 plus an additional ten-hour course by September 1, 2020."

Be sure to contact the JIB Safety Department to sign up for the appropriate courses and to be voice-printed and have your photo taken for the required site safety cards.

It was also announced that the Joint Apprentice Committee will be accepting requests for applications to Local #3's Apprenticeship program on April 15, 2019. Please click here for the instructions to request an application.