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JIB Medical has resumed full operations, but still with certain precautions to prevent further transmission of COVID-19. The pandemic postponed preventive care for many people, unfortunately. JIB Medical is here to help Local 3 members and your families to get back on track, healthier and safer. JIB Medical now has appointment openings for complete annual check-ups, follow-ups and preventive programs.

JIB Medical is unique in the depth and breadth of what is offered:

  • Our primary care doctors are all experienced, academically trained, Board-certified specialists in internal medicine.
  • Our doctors have a full hour to complete exams and half an hour or more for other types of visits, which means they have the time to give you the attention you deserve, to listen and carefully work with you to meet your needs as best as possible.
  • Valuable, innovative programs for: stress management, weight reduction, nutritional advice, smoking cessation, and those available as before the pandemic including but not limited to acupuncture, optometry, podiatry, gynecology, nearly all standard non-contrast x-ray, mammography, and ultrasound procedures (3D mammography likely will be available this fall), immunizations and lab services (full shots will be given in the fall).
  • Jena Optical has been expanded with a new facility in the Electchester shopping center, with faster turnaround times, contact lenses and additional services.
  • The LightenUp! weight-control program is expanding.
  • Your medical information is always kept confidential and protected.

Call today to make an appointment: (718) 591-2014. More information is available online at Similar to Local 3’s Rank & File e-newsletter, the Joint Industry Board offers general and plan/personal information via email and text message. Sign up at to stay connected.