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In order to maximize the IBEW’s efforts to gain political support in New York State and across the country, the Executive Board of Local Union No. 3 has authorized an increase in the current voluntary contribution of $0.02 per hour to a $0.05 per hour contribution to the IBEW Political Action Committee (PAC), formerly known as the IBEW Committee on Political Education (COPE). This increase is critical to your union’s efforts in electing pro-union candidates to public office where they will stand up for us and all working people by enacting labor-friendly legislation nationally and locally. It also reflects the resolutions that were passed and adopted by the delegates to the IBEW’s 40th International Convention in May 2022.

Please keep in mind that dues money is never put to political use and the IBEW PAC is entirely funded through voluntary contributions or payroll deductions as authorized by the IBEW member, nor are contributions to the IBEW PAC deductible as charitable donations for federal tax purposes.

Thank you to everyone who is already signed up for the weekly contribution. You will need to fill out a new IBEW PAC card to begin contributing at the new amount of $0.05 per hour.

If you do not yet contribute, please consider joining your fellow members in supporting your union’s efforts by authorizing your present employer and any future employers to withhold the IBEW PAC voluntary contribution effective immediately.

While certain Divisions have received notices in the mail regarding the IBEW PAC and increased contributions, any member of Local 3 and the IBEW has the option to make voluntary contributions to our political efforts. This can be done on the IBEW Government Affairs website. 

New IBEW PAC cards are available in the Union World newspaper and from Local 3 President Thomas J. Cleary’s office upon request.