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I want to thank the affiliated clubs of Local #3 for hosting a great New Year’s Party last week. It was a blast as we welcomed in 2020. Now to the work ahead.

We need to focus our efforts and need your support as we partake in the census that will take place this year. Every New Yorker must be counted as the federal aid that is much needed across New York is predicated on that count along with our representation in Congress.

We need to make sure every member and their families are registered to vote as our economic security depends on it. We need a pro-labor president and a Congress that will undo the damage that organized labor has endured under the anti-union Trump administration. Pension protection, Registered Apprenticeship programs, and national right-to-work are all on the table. We need a Congress that respects the rights of working men and women to organize and we all must work hard to make that happen.

Here in New York State prevailing wage/public works legislation must pass, and in New York City we need to establish a public option for internet to compete with greedy, union-busting corporations like Spectrum who destroyed the lives of so many loyal members of Local #3.

2020 is the year to commit to being active in Local #3. Join a club, make sure you are contributing to COPE, be registered to vote and participate in protecting all that we cherish. Happy New Year, Local #3! Now let’s get to work. I shouldn’t have to convince anyone as our members are smart enough to realize what’s at stake, and if they’re not then it’s up to you to make sure they understand we are all in this together. That’s what a union is about. All in.