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We are still taking it on the chin, and when you get knocked down you have got to pick yourself up and get back in the fight. No Labor Day Parade this year, first time in a long time. Local 3 members have always turned out for the Labor Day Parade in great numbers and the labor movement in NYC recognizes the strength of our union based on the support and participation of our members.

We have real challenges with dire consequences in this moment. Let’s start with the Presidential election, critical. Our work opportunity is driven by the overall economy and it’s not good. Real competitive challenges to get the work will become even greater. We have weathered storms before but as this pandemic drags on, we will be pressed to maintain our medical coverage and our unemployment benefits and possibly our union membership.

These will be trying times for sure, and our survival will be predicated on our collective strength. As we reflect on Labor Day and what the relevance is of a holiday that honors working men and women, we need to remember the lessons of the past. That labor is not a just commodity, that our skills must not be sold to the lowest bidder and that this organization, our Union, will sustain us and remain strong if we remain true to our values. Labor Day, a good day to look in the mirror and reflect on what you see. Hopefully it’s a loyal member doing their share to move us forward like those who came before us, who set the table to get us to where we are today. Our predecessors met their challenges because they stuck together and stayed in the fight.  We benefit from their sacrifices and I’m sure marching proudly in past Labor Day Parades was just the easy part.