Local 3 2014 Voter Mobilization - Request for Volunteers - GENERAL ELECTION ENDORSEMENT LINKS

Local #3 IBEW 2014 Mobilization
-Volunteers Needed for -

Phone Banks
Literature Distribution
Labor to Labor Walks
Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Drive.

Please Call to Volunteer.

In Brooklyn & Staten Island
Contact: (718) 591-4000 ext. 514.

Westchester & Hudson Valley
Contact: (914) 948-3800.

On Long Island
Contact: (718) 591-4000 ext. 515.

In New Jersey
Contact: (718) 591-4000 ext. 515.

In Bronx & Queens
Contact: (718) 591-4000 ext. 516.

General Election Day Effort
Contact: (718) 591-4000 ext. 517.

The following are important dates in the upcoming election:

General Election: Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It is imperative that we make our voice heard!
Let’s get out there and vote!
Together we can make a difference.
We need your support to help elect leaders of our great states who will be willing to fight for the needs of working men and women and especially for the members of Local 3, IBEW.

Please register yourself and all eligible family members.

You can register to vote online if you have a valid NYS Driver’s license or Non-Driver’s ID, you may register online at http://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/electronic-voter-registration-application.

If you need further assistance on where to vote please call the Board of Elections at (1 866 VOTE NYC) or visit their website

Peoples Climate Protection March Video and Photos


Labor union members were also an unmistakable presence, perhaps the largest single contingent in the march. “Today we make history. This is your Woodstock. This is the day our children will remember us for,” Chris Erikson, the business manager of Local 3 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, told a labor rally at 58th and Broadway, standing beneath a banner proclaiming, “Healthy Planet and Good Jobs.” 

- excerpt from The Nation, "The People’s Climate March Was Huge, but Will It Change Everything?, Published September 21, 2014
click here to read the entire article

Business Manager Christopher Erikson's speech from the Peoples Climate Protection March:


Photos from the "Peoples Climate Protection March" - September 2014

Click the arrows on the side to scroll through all the photos from the Peoples Climate Protection March

Welcome to Our Official Website

On behalf of the Officers and Representatives of
Local 3, welcome to our official website!

"In unity there is strength"

May God bless our members in the Armed Forces, America
and Local 3.

Christopher Erikson,
Business Manager
Local 3, IBEW

Local Union No. 3 IBEW... THE RIGHT CHOICE!

Local 3 Members Displaying Banner

Keep an eye out on various jobsites around the city for Local Union No. 3 IBEW's new banner showing "The Right Choice" has been made when a job goes union. Everyone will know the job will have the most highly trained and best skilled electricians in the world!

Local Union No. 3 IBEW is always the right choice!

Important Website Notice

Local #3 member's only section is now active.
Login procedures have been mailed to the membership.
If you need the username and password you can
Alternatively, have your union card number ready, and call
718-591-4000 ext 595, your login credentials will be remailed to you.

Please Note: The Joint Industry Board administers the OSHA 10 class and their website is:

<< Sign in is located on left sidebar - under Member Login

General Membership Meeting Location

The General Membership meeting will be held at the

JIB Auditorium

Electrical Industry Center Auditorium
158-11 Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Avenue
Flushing, NY 11365

Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 5:00PM

Please mark your calendar!

Local 3 Members requiring benefit information

The Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry adminsters benefits for the members of Local Union #3, IBEW.

If you are looking for forms or information on your 401k, Medical, Pension, Dental and other benefits available to Local #3 members then click here to go to the Joint Industry Board official website:


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