On February 24, 1997, the Executive Board acting upon the recommendation of Local Union #3 Business Manager Thomas Van Arsdale elected Marchell to fill the unexpired term of retired Executive Board Member Dave Rollins.  At the September 28, 1998 Meeting of the Executive Board Marchell was elected to the Office of Financial Secretary filling the unexpired term of William Blain that was created by his retirement.  Marchell started as Financial Secretary on October 8, 1998.  At a special meeting of the Executive Board on July 2, 2003, Marchell was elected to the Office of President filling the unexpired term of Dennis McSpedon that was created by his retirement.  Marchell started at as President on July 3, 2003.

Marchell was born and raised in Brooklyn and is the son of a Local Union #3 Member.  Marchell was initiated into Local Union #3 on October 5, 1964, and graduated from the Apprentice Training Program on January 16, 1970.  He has also completed the following industry-sponsored courses- High Tension Theory, High Voltage Safety, Occupational Safety & Health, Transit Safety, Citizenship Responsibility, Critical Thinking, Lead Awareness, OSHA Respiratory Protection Training, Telephone/Data/Fiber Optics, Network Testing Equipment, CPR and CAD.  Marchell is also a registered Site Safety Engineer, Chairman of the National Safety Council Occupational & Environmental Health Committee, Member of the National Safety Council Operations Plan & Council Policies Committee and Member of the National Safety Council Executive Committee.  Rounding out his education he received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Labor Studies from Empire State College’s Center for Studies (SUNY) in 1982.

Marchell has received various awards and certifications among which is First Place for Photography from the Spring Arts Festival, Electchester Athletic Association Citation of Honor, Award of Merit from Automobile Club of New York, Award of Merit from the New York City Police Department, I.B.E.W. Certificate of Recognition and the Joint Industry Board Meritorious Citation Recognition.  He was honored as the Allied Union Club of Queens ‘Man of the Year’ at its annual St Patrick’s Day Party on March 10, 2002, received the ‘God and Country Award’ from the St. George Association Chapter 80 on October 27, 2002, 2003 New York Building Congress ‘Sponsors’ Club Award’, was honored by the United Jewish Appeal on June 26, 2003, received the ‘Chippewa Spirit Award’ from the Chippewa Democratic Club on June 17, 2004, Sportsmen’s Club ‘Man of the Year’ on March 18, 2005, Lewis Howard Latimer ‘Man of the Year’ on April 9, 2005 and the Catholic Council of Electrical Workers ‘Man of the Year’ on May 1, 2005, Citation for Outstanding Service to Safety from the National Safety Council Labor Division September 20, 2008, honored by the Asian American Cultural Society as there ‘Man of the Year’ at their Annual Lunar New Year’s Dinner on January 31, 2009, the Bedsole Kingsboro Club’s ‘Man of the Year’ on March 14, 2009, Staten Island Club ‘Man of the Year’ on August 7, 2010, Israel Bonds ‘Israel Unity Award’ on December 2, 2010.  He has served on numerous committees including the Wage and Policy Committee, Business Managers’ Advisory Committee, Hardship Committee, Bedsole Kingsboro Club Legislative Committee, Election Board Inspector, General Membership Meeting Inspector, Brooklyn Dodge Report Chairman and as a Permanent District Organization Captain.  John has been a Member of the Bedsole Kingsboro Club for over 40 years and has served as its Legislative Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Dance Chairman, Financial Secretary, Vice President and President.  He is also a Member of the Catholic Council of Electrical Workers, Keystone Club, American Society of Safety Engineers, IBEW Labor Division for the National Safety Council, National Safety Council, New York Building Congress Member of Sponsor’s Club, National Fire Protection Association, American Society of Testing Materials, American Society of Quality Control and the Society for Human Resource Management.  In 2002 John was named to serve on the New York City Electrical Code Advisory Committee.

Over the years John has held job position ranging from Job Steward to General Foreman at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.  He has also worked on and been in charge of numerous political campaigns on the federal, state and local levels.  Presently John is the President of the Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Memorial Association, Director of the Electrical Workers Death Benefit Society and Serves as Trustee on the-

  • Annuity Committee of the Electrical Industry
  • Additional Security Benefit Fund Committee
  • Apprentice Committee of the Electrical Industry
  • Business Development Committee
  • Clerical Employees Annuity Fund
  • Combined Pension Plan of the Electrical Industry
  • Deferred Salary Plan Committee
  • Dental Benefit Fund of the Electrical Industry
  • Educational and Cultural Fund of the Electrical Industry
  • Educational and Cultural Holding Company
  • Employment Committee of the Electrical Industry
  • Employees Security Fund
  • Finance Committee of the Electrical Industry
  • Health Reimbursement Account Plan
  • Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry
  • Joint Industry Board Realty Corporation
  • Legal Services Plan of the Electrical Industry
  • Pension Committee of the Electrical Industry     
  • Vacation Benefit Committee of the Electrical Industry

John was also a Delegate to the 36th I.B.E.W. Convention in San Francisco, the 37th I.B.E.W. Convention in Cleveland, the 38th I.B.E.W. Convention in Vancouver served as Secretary to the Law Committee at the 37th I.B.E.W. Convention and serves as Delegate to the New York City Central Labor Council, New York, and New Jersey AFL-CIO, New York City and State Building and Construction Trades Council and Board of Directors for the New York State Public Employee Conference.

John is married to his lovely wife Margaret for over 40 years.  Margaret and John have two children; Lauren and John-Thomas and one Granddaughter, Kayla.  He enjoys spending his time mainly with his family and when time allows he enjoys photography, fishing and working on computers and cars. 

  • Graduated Our Lady of Czestochowa June 22, 1959
  • Graduated Aviation High School June 19, 1963
  • Graduated Local Union No. 3 Apprentice Training January 16, 1970
  • Graduated Northwestern School of Taxidermy February 15, 1973
  • Graduated Empire State College Center for Labor Studies CUNY Associates Degree June 12, 1981
  • Graduated Empire State College Center for Labor Studies CUNY Bachelors Degree June 25, 1982